Postina M

CHF 840.00

Postina®, icon of the Maison, characterized by the double closure and its great versatility can be worn by hand, shoulder or cross body.

  • Width 35,5 cm, Height 24 cm, Depth 17 cm, Handle light 11 cm.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Appearance: harmonious deer grain, with very deep dusty matte colour tones.
  • Touch: Woody softness. Talc-like feel.
  • Essence: Scent characterized by the essential oils of Marseille soap.
  • Evolution over time: retains its structure, scratch resistant. Over time the grain becomes less visible in the points of greatest traction.

Pure due to its revolutionary tanning process that guarantees an almost zero presence of metals; Pure because of its carefully selected leather from the best bull hides in the Southern Germany; Pure due to its delicate scent of the Marseilles soap, Pure because it maintains its natural and pure look, that of the traditional cones.
First time presented in the collections: 2015, after being the first leather in the world to obtain the OEKO TEX® LEATHER STANDARD certification.
Made in Italy