CHF 70.00

  • Size of bag: Perfectly sized (30 cm long x 22 cm high), the AMPY bag holds all the essentials without weighing you down.
  • Features: Secured by a zip fastening, AMPY attaches to your wrist and leaves your hands free thanks to its leather strap, beautifully finished with saddle stitching.
  • Materials: Made from 100% natural Raphia, this pouch is lined with organic cotton and combines the suppleness and strength of a natural, durable material. The strap is made from vegetable-tanned zebu leather.
  • Manufacture: 100% handmade, each IBELIV piece has subtle variations, reflecting the unique sensibility of the craftswoman who made it. Your AMPY is entirely crocheted for a result that we guarantee to be sturdy.
  • Care: timeless, your AMPY can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp sponge to keep it looking beautiful year after year.